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Mind And Vision

A handbook for the cure of imperfect eyesight without glasses

by Dr R. S. Agarwal

Rs 95

Mind and Vision is a handbook that explains in simple terms the basic workings of the eye and how normal eyesight can be defined, evaluated, and maintained; the causes and cures of errors of refraction; such conditions as squint, floating specks, double vision, cataract, and glaucoma; and a wide variety of treatments and relaxation methods designed to balance the workings of the eye and the mind in a perfect stasis of restful movement.

Fine Print As An Aid To Eyesight

by School For Perfect Eyesight

Rs 3

This booklet is based on Dr Bates' discovery that fine print is a benefit to the eye, while large print is a menace. With specimens of fine print and photographic type reduction.

Our Eyes

"Relax and see"

by School For Perfect Eyesight

Rs 18

Based on the premise that relaxation of the mind and eyes is the key to success in improving eyesight, this book presents some simple yet effective exercises aimed at reducing errors of refraction in vision as well as addressing conditions such as cataract, squint, and glaucoma. Photographs and illustrations help to explain and demonstrate the exercises.

Yoga Of Perfect Sight

With Letters Of Sri Aurobindo

by Dr R. S. Agarwal

Rs 80

This book, which is a comprehensive manual on the natural care of the eye, starts from the concept that eyesight is intricately connected to the mind and explains how good habits of eye care and mental relaxation can keep the eyes rested and refreshed. It then suggests simple but effective exercises to improve eyesight and treat various eye disorders. There are also chapters on the discoveries of Dr W. H. Bates and the physiology of the eye, as well as case histories, question-and-answer sections, and some letters by Sri Aurobindo on eyesight and yogic vision.